Emmett Till Historical Museum

Emmett Till

It was the darkest day of July 2001; Perpetua had just acquired Chicago Burr Oak Cemetery.

The property had been neglected for years. The grounds were overgrown and out of control. The tractors and trucks were old and junky. The office was in a deplorable state, disorganized and dirty. The staff greeted customers from behind bullet proof glass. And there had been no form of professional management anywhere near the property.

Most would have just decided that there was no hope for this property. Most would have done what previous owners had done for so many years–just take the cash and not improve the place. But Slivy Edmonds Cotton, president of Perpetua, decided to step up to the plate and immediately began making improvements to the property.

Finally a ray of light had shown itself to Chicago Burr Oak Cemetery.

Early on, Perpetua developed a relationship with Ms. Mamie Till-Mobley. Before her death in 2003, Ms. Mobley committed to lead the way in developing the Emmett Till Historical Museum at Chicago Burr Oak. This Museum honors and reflects Ms. Mobley’s vision and will feature the Emmett Till Story, and the story of many other African-Americans who have made contributions to our community and to the world.

This museum will include a mausoleum which will house Emmett’s remains, as well as those of his mother and step-father.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the structure are scheduled to take place in the spring of 2005. You can contribute to this great cause by sending your tax-deductible donation to:

Chicago Burr Oaks Cemetery
Emmett Till Historical Museum
4400 West 127th
Alsip, IL 60803

For more information, please contact
Carolyn Towns at 773-233-5676

Emmett Till