Carolyn Bryant, 2004

The photo [above left] is of Carolyn Bryant as she looked at age 70, taken in the fall of 2004. It is a still photo that was taken as part of a video clip by the 60 Minutes crew, and was featured on a segment aired on October 24, 2004.
The house [above right] located at 1425 E. Rebecca Drive, Greenville, Mississippi, is where Carolyn Bryant (her name now Donham, after her fourth husband) now lives. Note the signs in the yard warning trespassers to stay off of the property. These signs were obviously placed there in an effort to keep reporters and others away from Mrs. Donham. One says "NO TRESPASSING" and the other says "NOTICE: THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY.  ANY UNINVITED VISITORS WILL BE PROSECUTED."

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